In an epoch-making development, Meta, the technology titan formerly known as Facebook, has unveiled its latest triumph in artificial intelligence (AI): the LIMA linguistic model. With LIMA, Meta’s AI researchers have reached the apex of GPT-4 and Bard-level accomplishment in test scenarios, employing a unique approach that relies on fine-tuning with relatively few exemplars. Dubbed after its purpose, “Less is More for Alignment” (LIMA) aims to showcase the potential of extensively pre-trained AI models, demonstrating that a mere handful of exemplars can yield exceptional results. In this case, Meta manually selected 1,000 diverse cues and corresponding outputs from scholarly papers, WikiHow, StackExchange, and Reddit. TheRead More →

My recent encounter with Bing left me disheartened and yearning for more. Allow me to share my experience as I embarked on finding a Cadillac dealership in the captivating city of Bradenton, Florida, and discuss the frustrations that unfolded. With eager anticipation, I turned to Bing, hoping its AI prowess would swiftly guide me to a comprehensive list of Cadillac dealerships in Bradenton. I believed in the power of technology to assist me in my automotive quest. Little did I know that disappointment awaited.Bing’s initial response left much to be desired, the limited choices it presented fell far below my expectations. I couldn’t help butRead More →